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Jemma Regis

Christian Author, Mentor, Businesswoman and Worship Leader.

A heart for people

Thoughtful, deep, inspiring, fighter, overcomer and encouraging are just some of the words used to describe Jemma.

A woman of substance, her determination to overcome 35 years of depression using her 4-step process, drives and motivates her to inspires others in overcoming emotional and mental adversity.

Her pursuit of intimacy with God is the rock that sustains her. Her honesty and vulnerability in her books, Retreats and Away Days, equip and teach all genders and ages practices to understand, experience and maintain spiritual intimacy with God.

At her core, she has a heart for people and is the founder of ABCD – Alone Behind Closed Doors, a charitable program that provides food hampers for families and individuals affected by poor mental health, over the Christmas period.

Each hamper is tailored made to the client’s ethnic background and dietary needs, with ongoing support throughout the year where required.

Her artistic flair can be seen in her cakes. Her inspiration can be viewed in her blogs. Her strength to encourage, educate and empower comes to life in her talks and her books.

Her drive and motivation to see others succeed are expressed in the testimonials of those who have attended her Retreats, Away Days and read her book.

Her joy for life is seen in the choices she makes daily to live a life that is intentional.

One of her many goals in life is to create an interactive platform for individuals affected by poor mental health choices and to help them break the cycle of toxic thinking brought on by damaged emotions as well as establish a 5* Retreat Estate to house her Retreats and Away Days

Whats Happening?

GRG Experience Away Day

Intimacy With God Made Simple, Intimacy with God is accessible to every believer.

GRG Away Day offers a safe place and space for believers to practice being alone with God with step-by-step guidance on

  • How to find and secure your quiet place and space with God.
  • How to eliminate external and internal distractions.
  • How to recognise God’s voice and activity in your life with clarity and confidence.
  • How to protect your time, place, and space with God. 

The day includes:

  • A full home-cooked meal and all-day hot and cold beverages and snacks
  • Free downloadable workbook
  • Time to practice being still and quiet within the grounds and gardens
  • 1-2-1 counsel where required


How I overcame depression – Premier Gospel interview with Lady T

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How I overcame depression – Premier Gospel Radio

Watch an interview with the team at Premier Christian Radio. Jemma featured on their My Story feature.

Read and hear some of Jemma’s work.

Jemma’s projects and businesses

God’s Romantic Getaway (GRG) A faith-based approach to spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being.

Books, Retreats, Away Days, and Accountability – GRG provide a platform for you to learn how to develop, sustain and maintain intimacy in your relationship with God by providing you with the necessary tools to help manage and control your thoughts and establish stillness in order to recognise the daily activity of the Holy Spirit in your life and hear and communicate with God with Confidence and clarity.
In her book God’s Romantic Getaway Jemma chronicles her roller-coster journey of pursuit for intimacy with God, healing from damaged emotions, and a desire to hear, experience and know God with clarity and confidence. In it, she speaks openly about her battle as a Christian secretly suffering from depression and how her honest conversations with God enabled her to combat this. It is a real love story between Father and child. Jemma’s portrayal of her journey to arrive at this stage keeps it authentically tangible and the reader is able to relate to the challenge of the Christian walk. 

Alone Behind Closed Doors (ABCD)

ABCD’s core message is compassion in mental health and is presently the only UK charity organisation that provides tailored-made food hampers for families and individuals over the festive season affected by mental health.
Each nominee has their own personal shopper and each hamper is packed with an abundance of groceries, from meat and fish, side dishes, desserts, snacks, drinks and more to see them through the festive season


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