ABCD’s core message is compassion in mental and is presently the only UK charity who provide tailored made food hampers for families and individuals over the festive season affected by mental health.

Each nominee has their own personal shopper and each hamper is packed with an abundance of groceries, from meat and fish, side dishes, desserts, snacks, drinks and more to see them through the festive season.

Over the years that the programme has run, we have made various changes to help facilitate the smoother running service and in the future will enable us to provide for even more families and individuals.

Those changes were:

  • Assigning personal shoppers for each nominate
  • Delivery food raw (All meats marinated)
  • Delivering early Christmas Eve morning

With changes in place, we are able to focus on further improve on quality whilst maintaining quantity.

Mental health affects many people for different reasons. This year a number of nominees were carers for family members for whom the stress of caring for a loved affected them mentally emotionally and physically.

For one family, we supplied not only food for the festive season but additional shopping, gifts for the kids and a brand new much-needed kitchen appliance. For us, it is about meeting the need to help eliminate the stress of mental health.

We were also blessed to have partners who came on board, who will in the future increase the awareness of the charity and add much-needed insight on how we can improve ensuring we meet the needs of those we seek to help.

In the past we have had support from two of the major supermarkets in Tesco and Aldi.

Organisations that have supported ABCD.